* I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how wonderful I feel after our session on Sunday. Multiple times I have told Scott or my mom that I just feel so good. More than anything I feel such a sense of peace, more so than I think I have ever felt. I just wanted to pass along my gratitude to you and to the Sontre energy. Much love to you, my friend!  Jen Faeline, Kansas City, MO

* I received a great blessing yesterday while waiting for my hair color to “process.”  My aunt showed up first, and the visions of her huge and well-dressed holiday table came to the forefront.  She was with my brother, and the specific things Rich was able to share were incredibly accurate and specific…from my own childhood memories to visions of him being with/around his only daughter and his only grandson. Yesterday was particularly special to me as it was the anniversary of my brother’s passing, and my thoughts of him were abundant all day.  I left my appointment feeling full, and blessed.  S. Hurst, St Joseph, MO

* I want to tell you how BLESSED I am that you sent me your healing powers over the miles for my knee injury. My knee feels better than it has for weeks, and especially directly after the meniscus tear. By the time I went to the doctor last Wednesday, I had ZERO pain and was walking without a limp at all. He said I could resume exercise (probably not the swift side to side motion of Zumba for awhile), but considering I’d initially thought for sure I’d have to have surgery…what a bonus! He said that because the blood flow to it was more limited with age-that if I were 18, he’d have recommended arthroscopic correction, but that since I was without pain (and 63), he wouldn’t recommend it at this time. Praise God for giving you the ability to heal! What an incredible gift! S. Hurst, St Joseph, MO

* This message I share with you in a vortex of divine love. During a session with Dr. Fine today, I experienced for the first time, his light therapy. This therapy is a multi dimensional modality that sends frequencies of divine love through all lifetimes. This divine love has healing properties that enhance positive karma and transmutes negative karma of all life times and all dimensions .This therapy consists of light in the frequency of 10 chakras, and several sub chakras, in the Sontre’ tradition; with their correlating light bodies that surround our physical body. Further, this light therapy also attunes the channels of light through our sacred circuits . The sacred circuits consist of our lower circuit (the meridians of the legs), The middle circuit (the meridians of the arms), and the upper circuit (The light channels that moves through the head and neck).

Sontre’ Light Therapy Session:  First, I called in my “I am” presence of all dimensions, this includes my “Christed bodies” of all dimensions. In both seated and lying positions, bands of light were placed around my sacred circuits and the chakra centers.  As this light therapy bathed my chakras, there was a blissful and peaceful balancing and aligning of my energy centers as well as an awareness of the expansion of my light bodies. I was amazed at how this therapy balanced my light bodies and actually expanded them. By this I mean through my mind’s eye I saw my light bodies balanced with clear smooth margins with luminescent light at each light body level.  The next part of my session was most interesting. This light therapy attunement of my light bodies, chakras , and sacred circuits had lines of energy to other lifetimes and dimensions. My light bodies, chakras, and sacred circuits in those lifetimes were also being attuned with divine love. These strings (streams) of lifetimes were also being rearranged to sacred geometric patterns. By this I mean, as this healing light moves through these “strings” of lifetimes, these strings of lifetimes actually become straighter. These straighter strings of lifetimes develop sharper angles with other strings of lifetimes that cross and merge with each other. When these attuned life streams cross and merge they are more consistent with sacred geometric patterns. (I know, this is what I call “gee wiz” info) When the matrix of all of our life streams become more consistent with sacred geometric patterns, we are able to move divine love and energy through all dimensions and all lifetimes more easily and this expedites our expansion process!  Finally, at the end of my session , Dr. Fine illuminated all of my chakras and sacred circuits with the green light of love (the heart chakra frequency). With this modality there was a harmonization of divine love with each one of my Chakra centers and sacred circuits. At the end of my session I felt a gentle bliss and peace-a tangible, divine dispensation of Grace from Mother Father God. Yes! I am so blessed to have experienced this therapy of light with Dr. Fine.

In a vortex of divine love, I am Free. (“Free” is my Sontre’ name).  Rick, GMS

(Rick Lister, Grand Master, Sontre’, has been studying with Dr. Fine for the past seven years. Sontre’ is a healing modality and curriculum that Dr. Fine has created. If you have questions about Sontre’, you may instant message Dr. Fine, Rick or other Sontre’ students.)

Thank you Rick for your excellent description. I too experienced a Sontre’ quantum Light session with Dr. Fine about two weeks ago. It left me speechless with a gentle stream of tears to my eyes due to the intensity of Divine Love I experienced. My mind is just now finding the words to express this Divine Energy work. Not only did I sense an Angelic presence, I felt an expansion of my being into a cloud like vapor of bright greenish Light. This gave me the sense of true oneness with Divine Love, not like an observer visualizing a light in the distance, every part of my being had been infused into a oneness with this Light, there was no separation between myself and the Divine. Although there much more detail to my personal session, the words to describe it only touch the surface of my experience. I truly feel a transformation of old root patterns have been divinely changed, and I am experiencing a sense of freedom, divine love and happiness on a whole new level.

* This Sontre’ quantum Light session has been a magnificent way to set forth divine patterns for this new year. I feel blessed and much gratitude for Dr. Fine’s devotion to Sontre Energy work. I would also encourage you to contact Dr. Rich Fine for a session, what a great way to align yourself into new patterns for this new year. Blessings to All ~Vicktoria Jenkins ~ Sontre’  Grand-Master Practitioner

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