Dr Fine is often asked, “How do you do that?”  He always starts a session informing his clients:

“I look at the Energy as it runs in, through, and around your body and assess it for any shifts out of the ‘norm.’  I will also consult with your Spirit Guides. I can look into your Past and Future lives.  When they are present, I can mediate for your deceased loved ones; and if they are not present, I will attempt to call them to us.  If you have any questions, please ask.  It is better to be specific than general.  If you have any topics you would like for me to hone in on, let me know.”

Dr Fine is an Energy Grand-Master.  He is “Claire-Universalis,” meaning that all of his senses are heightened beyond the “norm.”  He has the ability to sense the Energy of your Aura, Chakras/Energy Centers (Sontré specific since there are more than the usual 7), Meridians and Sacred Circuits (Sontré specific) of your body.  Some of this sensing is done via Astral Senses and, some, done with his physical senses too.  He uses the sense of taste, smell, sound, touch, as well as emotional senses.

In case you are not familiar, Spirit Guides are non-physical Beings that are with you to help Guide you and align you along your Earthly Journey.  They can be Angelic, most have heard of their Guardian Angel and Archangels.  Some are Ascended Masters, those who have had an Earthly experience, but now only Guides you in spirit: Yeshua/Jesus, Buddha, Mother Theresa, The Holy Mother Mary, Saints, Bodhisattva, etc.  The animals can also be Spirit Guides, the Natives called them Totems.  Your Aunt Edna or Uncle Frank, that died 100yrs before you were born can also Guide you.  Spirit Guides can be all kinds of non-physical Beings that you may never have heard of.  Since all of these are Energetic Beings, Dr Fine can interact with them.  He has written and taught classes on how you can interact with them too.

As mentioned above, Dr Fine is also a Spiritual Medium.  In other words, he can mediate between you and your departed loved ones.  Just note that some are easier to connect with and communicate than others.  Some talk, just like you and I.  Some communicate with visual images, signs and symbols that he has to translate.  Also mentioned above, sometimes they are not with you so he attempted to call them to join the session.

Dr Fine offers both 1-on-1 and group sessions of Readings.  Of course the 1-on-1 sessions are just between you and him.  This is offered a couple of ways.  Public events, like big Psychic Fairs that last a number of days when you sign up on a list and wait for your turn.  He books up very quickly and sometimes his list is filled within a couple of hours of the event opening.  Private events are when you meet with him at a set venue that is just you and him, without all of the noise and interference of a big room filled with other things going on at the same time.  The larger events are governed by others that includes rules and payments.  Private sessions are arranged between you and him.  See prices below.

Group Reading Session are just that.  Dr Fine meets with a group, large or small, and offers Readings with the audience of the group.  Ranging from laughter to tears, attendees really enjoy these, but at times, it can be quite personal for those who are Read.  The groups can be anything from a small group of people in the privacy of their home to a large group at a public event.  It is important to note that when you go to a group session, not everyone receives a Reading.  Depending on the situation, Dr Fine tries to keep a few minutes open at the end of the session and sometimes asks if there is anyone who really needed to connect and their loved one hadn’t shown up and attempts to call them to the event.  But, that depends on time.  See below for prices.

If you are interested in a public event (usually cheaper), go to the calendar section and look for the events that works for you.  The website calendar shows public events.  To contact Dr Fine, or his staff, go to the contact section of this website and submit your questions and options for booking an event.

At this time, Dr Fine does not do phones calls.  This includes calls for Readings nor to books sessions with you.  Unfortunately, in the past, people have abused his privacy and tried to give him too much information prior to their sessions in an effort to manipulate a certain outcome.


Private Events:

Private Readings:  $50 for up to 30min; $2/Min additional

Private Small Group (2-5 people): $47/person for up to 1hr

Private Medium Group (6-10 people): $45/person for up to 1hr

Private Large Group (10-20 people): $42/person for up to 1hr

Private Gallery Group (21+ people): $40/person for up to 1hr


NOTE:  Additional fees with travel, room and board when required.  This will be discussed prior to the event or time of booking.

NOTE:  Some events will require deposits and/or advanced payments to be discussed at time of booking.

NOTE:  All Private Readings are either Cash, Card (Visa or MasterCard charge or debit cards) or PayPal (when specified)

Public Events:

Public Events can include 1-on-1 Readings events and Group Readings events.  The difference is that, for the 1-on-1 readings are offered at such events like Psychic Fairs.  Most large events are priced a little less, but is dependent upon the situation.  Look at the Calendar section of this website for the list of events and the prices will be included as well as the location and dates.


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