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Your Energywork, A.K.A. Energy Healing Session, comes with both the sciences of the physical and the nonphysical world. Dr Fine not only was a studied and earned his premedical degree in Biology and Chemistry, he also tutored such classes as Anatomy & Physiology (beginning and advanced), Pathophysiology, and Histology (the study of tissue).  He did laboratory research in cancer, and literary research in tissue repair and Psychoneuroimmunology (the mind, body, immune system triad).  He also earned a BS In nursing and expanded his knowledge in patient care.  In the hospital setting, he worked with the surgeons (general, cardio-thoracic, and plastics) both in the OR and during rounds and spent 9 years in the ER and completed his medical journey in the SICU (SURGICAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT).

Dr Fine claims that all of that was only to prepare him for his journey  as a Metaphysician.  Not only is he a specialist of the Energies of your body, he teaches it too.  He is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher.  He is a doctorate level Sontre’ Grand-Master Teacher that includes multidimensional Energetic Healings of the past, present and future, Telekinetic Psychic Surgery, Light Healing Therapy, and more.  He also works with Sounds Vibrational Therapies of the Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and the Crystal Pyramid.  He has also studies essential oils and floral essences.

So, as you see, your session with Dr Fine  will be quite extensive and powerful.  He uses his psychic gifts, academic knowledge, and the metaphysical training all for you.  Contact him to schedule an appointment.  Sessions begin at $75.00 and go up.

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