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Not only does Dr Fine Channel messages from Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and your departed loved ones, he  also Trance  Channels.  This is done by Dr Fine putting himself into a trance and allows a Divine Spirit to use his physical body to speak to a client or a group.  During the session, there is usually a Divine Lesson, a Q & A, Energetic Blessings, and sometimes a guided meditation and always a prayer/song.  Attendees have said that they leave the event “buzzing” for days just from the extremely high vibration of the Divine Spirit being there.  There are recordings of each session if you would like one.  Dr Fine offers both private and group sessions.

  • For a individual private session it is $100 for first  30min plus $50 additional per 20min additional.
  • For a small, private group (15 or less), it is $500.
  • Small, Public Groups : $35 per person (some events offer discounts – see events calendar)
  • For larger groups (more than 15) the price is $50 per person, contact Dr Fine for travel, venue and room & board accommodations.  Public Group Session special prices and location venues are listed in Calendar section.
  • Session audio recordings:
    • if attended event: $15
    • If not in attendance: $35

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