KaHotep & THEM Channeling

June 28, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Meadowbrook Village Shopping Center, Prairie Village, KS 66207

With Great Love, Compassion and Gratitude, Dr Rich Fine brings to you, “The Ancients’ Ancient, KaHotep” and “THEM,” Divine Maximus-Bascilius-Magnus -Aurius (Angelic Teachers & Leaders) via a trance-channeled session. KaHotep states that He comes to help with the collective consciousness and that we are now at a higher vibrations (2012 Ascension) and are ready for the higher vibration messages that He and other Grand-Master Souls are bringing to us. This session usually involves some sort of lesson/lecture regarding a topic that we need, a Q&A over the topic at hand or in general, usually a vibrational blessing (attunements), possibly a guided meditation, an awesome prayer with song that just might be in His language, and He sometimes brings other Masters to speak as well –it is never known for sure. So, come and bring things you want blessed: you, special jewelry, stones, crystals, a spouse, friend, anything. $35 OR $65 for 2 – cash only! If you are not able to attend or someone who would like a copy of the event after attending it, you can get a copy of the lessons, Q&A, and other things brought through. Contact Dr Fine via email (DrRFine@gmail.com) for info.

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